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“A Rescue That Comes Too Late”

“A Rescue That Comes Too Late”

Figure and Disfiguration in Contemporary Ecopoetics

(p.113) 5 “A Rescue That Comes Too Late”
Margaret Ronda
Stanford University Press

“A Rescue That Comes Too Late”: Figure and Disfiguration in Contemporary Ecopoetics Chapter abstract: This chapter turns to the contemporary mode of ecopoetics as an exploration of the problems of poiesis in a time of accelerating ecological destruction. Ecopoetics as a distinctive mode emerges in the post-Kyoto Protocol era, when the problem of how to respond to planetary environmental degradation has become increasingly urgent. The ecopoetics texts of the chapter present an extended redescription of human capacities and aesthetic making in light of anthropogenic crisis. Discussing works by Brenda Hillman, Hoa Nguyen, Brenda Coultas, and Allison Cobb, the chapter highlights how their use of prosopopoeia and apostrophe dramatizes uncanny and defamiliarized dimensions of relationality. These portrayals raise questions regarding the culpability for environmental destruction and the limits of anthropogenic ingenuity to fix, remake, or salvage.

Keywords:   Anthropocene, prosopopoeia, apostrophe, poiesis, plastics, Brenda Hillman

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