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“A rationall hearer”—1602–1620

“A rationall hearer”—1602–1620

(p.17) Chapter 1 “A rationall hearer”—1602–1620
An Industrious Mind
J. Sears McGee
Stanford University Press

Chapter 1 describes D’Ewes’s birth, childhood and education from its beginnings through his two years at St. John’s College, Cambridge (1618-20). It is based largely on the autobiography he wrote between 1636 and 1638 along with letters he wrote to his parents as a schoolboy. From his adult point of view, the story was about what seemed to him his erratic and episodic progress toward the Puritan piety that preoccupied him until it reached what seemed to him its completion in the 1620s. High points include his agonized despair as he watched his beloved mother die in 1618; his enjoyment of his studies at Cambridge; and his mixed feelings about his father’s order to leave Cambridge in order to take up study of the common law at the Middle Temple in London.

Keywords:   childhood, education, Dorset, London, Suffolk, Cambridge University, St. John’s College, Middle Temple, common law

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