After YugoslaviaThe Cultural Spaces of a Vanished Land

After YugoslaviaThe Cultural Spaces of a Vanished Land

Radmila Gorup

Print publication date: 2013

ISBN: 9780804784023

Publisher: Stanford University Press


More than twenty years have passed since the disintegration of Yugoslavia, a multiethnic country that did not establish nation-states like most of Europe but opted for a confederation. In the 1990s, when the European Union was consolidating and expanding, Yugoslavia was fast dissolving. Scholarship treating the disintegration of Yugoslavia has overlooked the cultural dimension of its collapse. This volume fills that gap by bringing together leading writers and scholars to focus specifically on the dynamics of post-Yugoslav cultural transition. The authors touch upon the topic of dissolution of the common state but move beyond it to consider consequences and repercussions in various cultural fields. Together, the contributions show that while the country has ceased to exist as a political project, it lives on in the individual and collective memory, in a variety of cultural practices, and as a potent legacy.

Table of Contents


Marijeta Božović

Part I My Yugoslavia: Personal Essays

1 My Yugoslavia

Maria Todorova

Part II Histories and Common Culture

3 The Past as Future

Dejan Djokicć

5 Discordia Concors

Vladimir Zorić

Part III Legacies of Yugoslavia: Cultural Returns

8 Zenit Rising

Marijeta Božovicć

Part IV The Story of a Language

Part V Post-Film

Part VI The New National Literatures

14 Traumatic Experiences

Davor Beganović

17 Slovene Literature Since 1990

Alojzija Zupan Sosič

Part VII Return to the Provinces

End Matter