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Thinking Magic, Reinventing the Real

Thinking Magic, Reinventing the Real

Consciousness and Decolonization in Tropic of Orange

(p.112) Five Thinking Magic, Reinventing the Real
Across Meridians
Stanford University Press

This chapter examines the issues of consciousness and decolonization in Karen Tei Yamahista's novel Tropic of Orange. It suggests that the novel's transnational agenda can be more fruitfully investigated as a project of decolonization in social, spatial, and psychological senses, and discusses the importance and the difficulty of acquiring historical consciousness as a precondition for disrupting the territorial assumptions and logics of colonialism. The chapter also considers Yamahista's use of magical realism as a historical form and her articulation of historicist commitments through apocalyptic imaginations.

Keywords:   Tropic of Orange, Karen Tei Yamashita, consciousness, decolonization, transnational agenda, logics of colonialism, magical realism, apocalyptic imaginations

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