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Writing against Reification

Writing against Reification

Temporality and Popular Genre in Through the Arc of the Rain Forest

(p.84) Four Writing against Reification
Across Meridians
Stanford University Press

This chapter analyzes Karen Tei Yamahista's novel Through the Arc of the Rain Forest in terms of its critique of the logic of reification. It analyzes Yamashita's spatial politics, particularly her articulation of a future-oriented consciousness through apocalyptic visions and her engagement with the sub-literary genre of science fiction and the popular cultural form of soap opera. The chapter also suggests that the cycle of death and rebirth, of destruction and regeneration depicted in the novel may be Yamashita's conscious negotiation of the tensions between existential dilemmas and conceptual praxis.

Keywords:   Through the Arc, Karen Tei Yamahista, reification, future-oriented consciousness, science fiction, soap opera, existential dilemmas, conceptual praxis

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