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1848: A Rupture in Experience

1848: A Rupture in Experience

(p.161) 5 1848: A Rupture in Experience
Nationalists Who Feared the Nation
Stanford University Press

On 23 March 1848, residents of the Adriatic began to experience a significant rupture in the regional ties connecting them. To the west of the Adriatic, the forty-four-year-old lawyer Daniele Manin announced Venice's official separation from the Habsburg Empire and the formation of a new government calling itself the “revived” Republic of San Marco. To the east, the forty-seven-year-old Illyrian patriot and military commander Colonel Josip von Jelačić was named ban (viceroy) of Croatia by the Habsburg imperial government. All of these events were set into motion by the same incident: the forced resignation of Prince Klemens von Metternich from his post as Habsburg imperial minister. This chapter demonstrates how the 1848–49 rupture in regional ties was not produced by the catalysts for revolution along the Adriatic. Instead, networks splintered as a result of profoundly disparate experiences during the revolutions themselves. With the seeming breakup of the Habsburg Empire and the diametrically opposed aspirations of the states to the west and the east, residents of Venice, Trieste, and Dalmatia began to set their sights on new geopolitical units of alliance and association.

Keywords:   Adriatic networks, regional ties, revolutions, Habsburg Empire, Venice, Trieste, Dalmatia, geopolitics

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