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Three Subterranean Transnationality

Three Subterranean Transnationality

Race, Affect, and Material Form in Circle K Cycles

(p.60) Three Subterranean Transnationality
Across Meridians
Stanford University Press

This chapter explores the issue of subterranean transnationality in Karen Tei Yamashita's novel Circle K Cycles. It highlights the focus of the novel on representational politics, and describes how the persistent mythology of race-based cultural uniformity and the circular movement of Japanese Brazilian migration as its economic expression were visualized in the text. The chapter also considers Yamashita's experiment with the postmodern technique of collage and her mixing of sociological reportage with fictional representation at various junctures of the book.

Keywords:   Circle K Cirles, subterranean politics, Karen Tei Yamahista, representational politics, cultural uniformity, Japanese Brazilian migration, collage, sociological reportage, fictional representation

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